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Do you have a technical related question or project?

Projects4all is the place where you can ask all your questions or arrange project support.



Whether it is about ICT issues, network security, site security, office design, project support, relocation or expansion of your site. 



Nice, right? All on 1place. All you have to do is send an email with a question and we will contact you personally. 


Our expertise

ICT Support

Workplace management, VoIP Telephony, ICT Helpdesk, ICT hardware management. Employee support, on-site network and server management and full management of cloud software and servers. We assist companies and system administrators 24/7.

Wi-Fi and network management

To ensure smooth digital communication, we employ the best network operators. Thus, we ensure sufficient network capacity and highly reliable security.

Network security

Our cyberalarm performs 24/7 analysis on all network traffic within your IT landscape, This way it recognises malicious behaviour and immediately sounds the alarm when your business is at risk. 

Our Services

Office design

Office design today is more than just the furniture that people work on. It is a translation of the vision and identity of your organisation or home office. The appearance of your office is therefore very important.

ICT Infra & Cabling

Want to get your organisation's IT infrastructure ready for the future? Are you hesitating to migrate to the Cloud? And if so, to what extent? We believe in a hybrid data centre solution.

Office relocation

When you move to a new office, a hectic period starts. You may already get a little nervous at the idea. No need to be if you choose our moving service.


Pro-active and preventive monitoring are essential to prevent problems. Intelligent and automated monitoring identifies potential issues early so that they can be resolved before they actually cause incidents.

Alarm & 
Camera security

Camera security can be used as a deterrent (preventive), but also to permanently monitor an area or process. The main goal is to be able to intervene quickly. 


Do you have a project and are looking for a project manager? Our people have extensive experience with various types of projects in ICT or Interim management 

Working with the best.

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